Today on the YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” a clip was released Eldar Zhanikayeva @eldar_zhanikaev for the song “Amanat”, which tells about the brotherhood of the Karachay and Balkarian people, about the values ​​bequeathed by their ancestors and about the adat, which the highlanders truly honor.

In the video, shot by director Magomed Kumykov, panoramas of the indescribable beauty of Caucasian nature open up before viewers, and against its background are the strength and courage, courage and valor of Caucasians, which nature itself conquers.

Watch Eldar Zhanikayev's video "Amanat"

The artist spoke about how and where the video "Amanat" was filmed.

Eldar Zhanikayev
Eldar Zhanikayev

Eldar Zhanikayev told about how the shooting took place, what difficulties he had to face, and whether he was satisfied with the results of the work done ...

- Eldar, the clip was shot in Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. In many frames, one can guess that the process was somewhat extreme ... And so it was?

- If I say that I did not experience jitters when I first stood on the edge of the abyss, then, of course, I will lie. But the thirst to impress spectacular shots was stronger. Moreover, I am a “taulu” (Balkarian), which means “highlander”. And there was no time to think about the danger, because Elbrus, against the background of which the shooting took place, doesn’t often look out of the clouds and lets itself be captured in all its glory!

- Is it even more difficult with bison? Nobody was hurt during the shooting?

- Bison were shot in the Teberdinsky high mountain reserve. For this was equipped with a whole horse expedition. Bison live in hard to reach places. Therefore it was necessary to overcome the ford mountain rivers, to wade through windbreaks. The operator Murat Dzueva attacked the leader of the herd. Murat lost his vigilance for a second and was attacked by the 600-kilogram giant. Fortunately, the bison did not touch the horns of either the operator or the expensive camera. Having escaped with a slight fright and minor abrasions, the brave operator continued working after a couple of minutes. By the way, the camera recorded the beginning of the attack of the forest giant ...

- Very interesting! We will wait for a separate video from the shooting, with frames that are not included in the clip. Tell us about the heroes of the video that got the main roles.

- For filming, we invited famous athletes: Abdul-Halim Olmezov, who twice climbed to the highest peak of the world - Everest and more than 100 times - to the highest mountain in Europe - Elbrus, and Marat Uzdenov - a famous athlete from Karachay-Cherkessia, the world power record holder. I was inspired to work with them. With Abdul-Khalim, we generally found ourselves together in "his element." Very grateful to the actors for their participation!

- How satisfied were you with the result? So in your mind was this clip drawn?

- Yes. These were three unforgettable shooting days in a team of professionals and great people. I am pleased with the work done and look forward to the feedback from the people for whom we tried!

- Thank you for the conversation, Eldar! Congratulations on your premiere, and now we offer our readers to watch Eldar Zhanikayev's new video - “Amanat”!

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