We meet the bright, long-awaited novelty - the clip “Sirumem” by the artist of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” - Mazzakyan'a!

A positive dance track, written by the performer, promises to be the opening of the summer, and the video is the perfect design for a love confession, because “sirumem” translates as “love”.

In the center of events - the story of a boy in love and a girl, the attention of which he is trying to achieve. The highlight of the script is that the roles of the main characters are performed by Mazzakyan himself and his wife Asya.

“It was necessary, however, to persuade her for a very long time,” the singer said, “But in the end she agreed. The shootings themselves were very positive. We removed exactly what we wanted, and also embodied several new ideas that arose in the course of work. ”

Shooting the video in Sochi began in March and, although it was planned to finish in three days, the weather conditions were so unpredictable that the process was somewhat delayed. But neither the snow nor the rain prevented us from capturing amazingly beautiful images of landscapes of the southern capital.

“Although today the viewers will not be surprised by a good picture, we still tried to make it cool and in film quality. Thanks to the professional equipment and well-coordinated work of the guys from the company Artline Video Production, headed by Andrey Fedorov, the picture turned out to be awesome, I don’t worry about that, ”says Mazzakyan.

The artist thought up the project to the smallest detail, and here a great emphasis was placed on both the excellent video and the song itself:

“I tried to write such music so that it would remain not for a day, not for a month in my memory, but imprinted in hearts forever. I always try to write so that my songs live for at least 200 years! I just want to give high-quality, good, kind, tasty tracks on which you can bring up the musical taste of the future generation. It is also important for me that people, after watching the clip, want to revise it again. On behalf of the entire film crew, I can say, we sincerely hope and believe that all the efforts that were made will not be in vain and will be appreciated for our work, ”the performer concluded.

You can watch the Mazzakyan's Sirumem clip right here on the website or on our YouTube channel!