Davit sharabidze presented another novelty - a song in Georgian - “Me dge da game” (“I am day and night”).

“Of course, like all my love songs, this one is also dedicated to my spouse, and in her face to all the women we consider holy! It says that I sing day and night to prove my endless love.
For me, the premiere of this single is doubly important, because the other day an incident happened to me that almost took my life. But everything worked out, the forces are being restored, and I can definitely say that you should not keep the words of love in yourself! Speak about her, sing while you have this opportunity! ”- says Davit.

We offer to listen and download “Me dge da game” right now - the song is available on our website, as well as on all major music venues.

Listen and download the song “Me dge da game” by singer Davit Sharabidze

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