The group "Hatti" presented the single and the clip "Zimahue"

And would you like for a moment to rise above the bustle, life and soar like a bird? Fly to the edge where the air is clean and fresh, where the sun gently and gently picks up the grass in the green meadows ... Where to breathe freely? All of this will happen one day when Hattie tells you her story ...

Meet the new composition of the group - “Zymahue” (“Once”)

“This track was written by Anzor Uvizhev on one beautiful sunny day,” says band member Kazbek Balkarov, “Anzor was in a joyful mood and, inspired by the warm weather and beauty around, decided to devote an ode to this magnificent and well-lived day. Such a mood literally soaked the whole composition! She came out positive, sunny, and during our speeches she always gives us extra strength and the right attitude. ”

Watch the video "Zymahue"

This state of mind, which is in unity with the majestic Caucasian nature, the group members decided to pass through a video clip, shot on the same composition in the Elbrus region, near the foot of Mount Elbrus, on the Kanzhal Plateau.

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