“The Light of My Soul” - a new romantic composition performed by a charming Angelica Akhmedova saw the light today.

Song wrote Ruslana Sobievamade the arrangement Arthur Ghazaryan.

“About a year ago we met Ruslana, and then she showed me this song and offered to perform it. I really liked the text and music, I immediately agreed. This is a track about love, about understanding, about the only person who wants to give warmth, happiness, joy, in spite of everything, about the most valuable feeling on this earth!

At the end of last year, we seriously took up this project and brought it to the end. The recording went to Albert Abisalov’s studio. In the process, Ruslana helped me a lot, for which she thanks a lot, ”says Angelica.

At the moment, there is an active preparation for filming a clip for this composition. The artist plans to start them in March.

Listen and download the song “The Light of My Soul” by Angelika Ahmedova

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