Ruslan Malaev @ruslan___malaev Presented today a composition dedicated to the Circassian national costume. A song called "Circassian" was written for him by a poet Arthur Kenchesha and composer Anzor Haupa.

Ruslan Malaev
Ruslan Malaev

“For many years, because of my profession, I had to wear a uniform to which I also have great respect, but deep down in my heart I always had a great desire to wear my native national costume - Cherkesku. Cherkesska is the spirit of national identity, and in my song it is sung: "My soul is dressed in you!"
Circassian is not just clothes, it is thinking, a historical connection with the Motherland, with the ancestors, this is the future! And I am convinced that in every family, not only the Circassian, but also other Caucasian peoples, a national costume must be kept.
I am very grateful to the songwriters - the talented poet Arthur Kencheshaev, composer Anzor Dzhabrailovich Haup, for the fact that they embodied my thoughts that I had been carrying in my heart for many years! I hope the listeners will like the composition! ”- says the performer.

You can listen to the track Ruslan Malayev "Cherkesska" on our website.

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