The label “Kavkaz Music” presents a new program - “Behind the Scenes”, in which the directors and scriptwriters of music videos share the secrets of backstage cuisine!

Today, the premiere release of the program, the heroes of which were the creators recently released clip "Adiuh" to the song Rustam Nakhusheva. Artur Khasanov, Artur Kencheshahov and Ruslan Kumukov spoke about how the shooting took place: from the initial idea to its realization.

You will learn: how did the Adijuh tower appear in the village of Biberd? What kind of magic ritual did the filming crew do inside the old temple? How to remove the bottom-up drop? Why did it happen that the performers of the main characters of the husband and wife never met on the set or outside of it? And much more ...

Spectators of the program will have a lot of discoveries! See the release of "Behind the Scenes" right now on our website or - on YouTube channel KAVKAZ MUSIC!