We meet the novelty from “Zvuk-M” - a duet called “Tell Me Yes” performed by Alan Muzaev and Nana Tibilova!

This is a heartfelt composition that the fire of love cannot be extinguished, even despite the separation. She wrote it for Alan and Nana a popular singer and author - Ruslana Sobieva.

“This is my first own song, I used to play only strangers,” says Nana, “and therefore the release of the track“ Tell Me Yes ”is a very important event for me. I think the audience will like it. Here, singing about love, which has gone through hard times, met obstacles in its path, survived separation, but did not end, but as it were revived with a new force. This happens in life often. They say that “you will not enter the same river twice,” but there are rare happy exceptions. ”

Alan and Nana have long been friends and work together, and therefore, when Ruslana invited them to perform a duet song, without hesitation, they agreed:

“Nana is a very good friend of mine,” says Alan, “we are friends of families. We used to work together in a restaurant, often performed at various events, and after Ruslana wrote the song “Sinner” for me, she suggested that Nana and I should try to sing a new track as a duet, which we immediately liked. I am sure the composition will be close to everyone. After all, everyone, for sure, had such “amorous things” ... ”.

You can listen to the song “Tell Me Yes” right now at YouTube channel "Sound-M". Also, the track is already available on iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.