The performer of the famous "Crazy Card" introduced a new song "No need for another"

Popular performer in the Russian chanson genre Gosha Grachevsky, known to fans of the urban romance for such songs as "Crazy Card", "My Madam", "To each his own" and others, released today a new track - "No need for the other."

Listen and download Gosha Grachevsky's song “No need for another”

The author of the new composition Gosha Grachevsky, as well as his previous songs, is the famous musician Timur Kitov. The track was written long before their collaboration with Gosha, but, picking up songs for the album, the artists found it and, after the first test of vocals, they understood that this is what they needed.

Gosha Grachevsky
Gosha Grachevsky

“Even before we finished the arrangement, for the first time I performed“ No need for the Other ”at a student competition in Saratov. Spectators and participants liked it so much that after the event, many approached and asked where to hear it. So the audience was looking forward to this premiere! ”, Says Gosh.

The acoustic version of Grachevsky's song was also aired on the Chanson TV channel. Now the full track is available for download in all stores!

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