Fascinating with its beauty, the video for the new song “Melody of Love” is a video that reveals to the audience the female nature from an unusual angle - through the nature of the elements, emotionally and vividly.

Lyric composition “Melody of Love” was written for a duet Ruslana Sobieva @ ruslana.sobieva.

Ruslana Sobieva
Ruslana Sobieva

“According to the musical style, this song is a continuation of the tracks“ Dream ”,“ Love you ”,“ Promise me love ”- that is, a single filled with Latin American motifs. This style is closer to me than others, and the theme of the song - light sadness for unfulfilled love - perfectly complemented our joint repertoire with Zarina, which previously did not have such minor, tender compositions, ”Ruslana says.

The riot of emotions that fill a woman in love is perfectly reflected in his directorial idea Zaur Vataev, who suggested that the artists draw a parallel between the female kind and the elements of nature. Their role went to female models selected in the preliminary casting. Make-up artist Ksenia Godzoyeva @makeup_kseniya_godzoeva embodied the idea of ​​a screenwriter, putting artistic body makeup to the actresses, each of whom was shot in the studio for 4-6 hours.

Zarina Bugaeva
Zarina Bugaeva

Zarina Bugaeva: “It was very interesting and difficult in its own way. In order to visually convey the entire emotional palette of the selected elements, a dense make-up was applied to the skin of the models: the earth was recreated with the help of watercolors and clay, the elements of the wind - with the help of flour and watercolors, and water was shown through a dense layer of holographic sparkles. In addition, the actresses were blown off with fans and doused with water to create the desired effect. The girls showed great artistry and professionalism! Many thanks to them for their restraint and for the beauty that they brought to the project. ”

Ruslana Sobiev: “In the video, viewers will see an allegory: a passion embodied in the element of fire, airiness and lightness of the wind. And the hardness of the earth personifies the sad end of the relationship described in the song.
Perhaps someone will not solve this idea to the end, but I believe that not everything in art should be clear. I gave a hint, and then let the spectators play with bright colors in the audience! ”
We invite you to listen and download the song “Melody of Love”, as well as watch a new clip of artistes right now!

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