Timur Losanov presented the composition “Hyatchoushushokuyu k'afe”

Beautiful, dynamic, filled with bright colors of fervent mood, the single “Hetlöchuschukyu k'afe” is a melody created by a famous composer and performer Timur Losanov.

Listen and download the track of Timur Losanov “Hetlokhuschokuyuya k'afe”

The name of the track is translated as “Kafa aul Zayukovo”. Due to the fact that the children's choir took part in the recording, listening to the “Hetlohuschuskuyuya kafa”, as if you were temporarily on the street of a picturesque village, where people's lives are filled with light, joy, fun and dancing!

We offer you to immerse yourself in this magical musical atmosphere! Listen and download the new song by Timur Losanov, which is already available in all digital services.

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