Famous Caucasian author and performer Rasim Ibrahimov @rasim_ibragimov_singer introduced today EP called "Please come back", which included 5 songs. Most of them are copyright.

Rasim Ibrahimov
Rasim Ibrahimov

“These songs have been written over the past three years. Now I devote less time to creativity than I would like, but these compositions are in their own way dear and close to me.
I especially want to highlight the song "Father's Anniversary." It so happened that I haven’t had a dad since 9, and I wrote it for my friend’s father in honor of the anniversary. While working on words and music, I put my whole soul into this project, all my unspent feelings, what I kept deep in my heart ... Therefore, she is very dear to me.
On the subject, the singles included in the album sing one feeling - love. Therefore, today, on the day of the premiere, I would like to wish my listeners happiness! Love, appreciate and respect each other! Thank you for being with me, ”says Rasim Ibragimov.

Listen to EP "Please come back" here on our website.

Listen and download the album “Please come back” by Rasim Ibragimov

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