Meet the novelty - instrumental album of a popular author and performer of national melodies Ramie daroka @rami_daroka “Kafe!” The track list included 7 singles, 6 of which are folk, edited by the composer, and the seventh “Gathe Kafe” was written by Rami Daroka together with Aslan Mamiev.

Ramie daroka
Ramie daroka

“In this album I collected the most vivid and interesting compositions of mine over the past few years of my work. Each track is a search for a new one: in the manner of performance, in the arrangement, in the style as a whole. The album contains both folk and author melodies. Although all the tracks differ from each other in content, they are united by the genre of dance. Hence the name of the album, - Rami explains, - each track has its own story of creation.
For example, in the “Adygea Islam” I combined the old version of the performance with my new interpretation: in addition to melismatics and orchestration, I also have works composed by me. And in the track “Gathe Kaffe” (Spring) I wanted to show a new version of Kabardian lyrics. I used ancient kafa and uji in the Shchygyajegu dance (Riding of the Riders), but in my manner of performance they received a new interpretation with a more rigid character necessary for this dance performance. "I want to discover for my listeners something new in the familiar!”

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