Instrumental novelty from Rami Daroc @rami_daroka and Marianna Daroka “Potpourri on the Adyg Melodies” is not just a beautiful composition, combining traditional folk music and contemporary author's, it is also a lyrical love story, which tells about the meeting of the musicians themselves ...

Ramie daroka
Ramie daroka

“We tried to convey the story of our acquaintance through music,” Rami says, “of course, this message is more clearly felt when we play this track on the stage where I play the accordion, and Marianna on the Caucasian harmonica, and two melodies suddenly merge into one . But I think that each of the connoisseurs of the Caucasus, and in particular the Adyg music, will discover something interesting and new to himself and while listening to the composition in the recording. ”

Currently, artists are working on recording a joint album. In the meantime, we suggest you enjoy the “Potpourri on the Adyg Melodies”, which is already available in all digital storefronts.

Listen and download “Potpourri on Adyg melodies”

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