Caucasian music. What artists listen to Instagram bloggers of Cherkessk?

Ramida Kiut @Ramida_kiut

(author and performer of songs, actress, television editor)

Ramida Kiut

Ramida Kiut

- What do you think are the advantages of Caucasian music?

- First of all - incendiary. I think that the motives of national music have incredible energy! The music itself is beautiful, but when it reflects the culture of your people, it inspires.
And its second advantage is originality. Such music can be heard only here in the Caucasus!

- What is your favorite song on the Caucasian stage?

- Albert Tlyachev's song “Waves of the Black Sea”. When I was very young, my parents gave me a musical collection of Caucasian hits of that time, and among all the songs my heart was filled with exactly this song. And this happened for a simple reason - I really love the sea!

- What other artists are you listening to?

- My taste is extremely diverse. In my playlist collected tunes of all nations. Every time I immerse myself in this musical world, my soul travels and involuntarily begins to try on the role of a foreigner who does not understand a word. But the main thing in music is not words, but the emotional state that it causes in you.

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