Rashid Majid oglu Beibutov

This is a story about an outstanding Caucasian opera and folk artist and musician of the twentieth century. Compared in terms of popularity with him among immigrants from the Caucasus can only Muslim Magomayev.

A special tenor is the altino of Rashid Beybutov, the widest range, pleasant timbre, perfectly set and having a guttural style of sound reproduction, conquered millions of people not only within the Caucasus region. Pleasantly surprised by the singer's accent-free Russian language skills, which only increased the number of his fans in the republics of the Soviet Union. One cannot but note the bright, joyful, sometimes sentimental, but quite characteristic for the Caucasus manner of singing Rashid Beibutov.

Having worked for many years as the director of the song theater, Beibutov did a lot to establish the national opera and musical comedy. The great talent and charm of the singer as an artist, his professionalism and knowledge of national music contributed to the fact that Rashid Behbutov won the universal spectator success that accompanied him throughout his life.

Rashid Beybutov. Photos from http://dlmn.info

Tiflis is the birthplace of Rashid Beybutov, where he was born 1 December 1915, in the family of the singer - khanende and teacher of the Russian language.

Already in 1933, Rashid Behbutov organized a student orchestra, studying at a railway technical school. After graduation, there was service in the workers 'and peasants' red army and solo in the army orchestra. After the service, he worked in the Yerevan Philharmonic Society, and then, until 1944, as a soloist with the State Jazz Orchestra of Armenia under the direction of composer A. Ayvazyan. The first mass popularity came to the singer during the tour of this jazz orchestra in the Soviet Union. In parallel, Rashid Behbutov worked at the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theater. A. A. Spendiarova, in Yerevan.

Quite by chance, in 1943, the film director for the musical comedy Uzeir Hajibeyov “Arshin Mal Alan” was at the concert of Rashid Behbudov at the Baku House of Officers and was so impressed with the work of the artist that he invited him to play the main role in the film. The picture was released in the 1945 year. The success was overwhelming. Rashid Beybutov became known not only in the Soviet Union, but also far beyond its borders.

From 1944 to 1956, Rashid Behbutov works as a soloist at the Azerbaijan Philharmonic Society, and in 1953 — 1960 years - as a soloist at the Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theater. MF Akhundov. There he is entrusted with the main parts in the opera “Sevil” by F. Amirov and in the musical comedy “Arshin mal Alan”. 1957 year was the time of birth of their own concert ensemble Rashid Beybutov. For the first time, jazz was integrated into Azerbaijani folk music and therefore gained new popularity.

The main event of the famous singer's creative life took place in 1966, when Beybutov organized the Azerbaijan Theater of Song (which is currently named after him). Rashid Behbudov was the artistic director and lead singer of this theater until the end of his days.

Numerous tours of the regions of the Soviet Union and foreign countries, shooting in feature films, performing songs in the languages ​​of those peoples for whom he sang, earned the viewer deep respect and sincere love for the artist.

The popularity of Rashid Beybutov grew rapidly. Thus, in one of the Indian villages, local residents blocked the movement of the train with Soviet artists and did not release the line until Rashid Behbutov spoke in front of them!

“Like a precious stone, like a horn filled to the brim with old wine I hold in my hands when I touch a folk song. It captures the spirit from happiness, from the strength enclosed in it, and delight gives way to fear: not to break, not to spill, to bring it to people - all to the drop, to turn so that the sun is reflected in each of its facets. ”
Rashid Behbudov

Rashid Behbud 9 of June 1989 of the year passed away; he was buried in the Alley of Honor in Baku. Since 1997, the day of death of the singer is celebrated in Azerbaijan as the day of memory of Rashid Beybutov.

Monument to Rashid Beybutov in Baku. Photo from http://incity.az