Colorful novelty in the world of Caucasian instrumental music - author and performer Ramie daroka @rami_daroka presented today a mini-album called "Melodies of the Mountains"!

The EP includes 2 tracks: “Melodies of the mountains”, which is based on Georgian motifs, and “Apsue” (“Abkhaz pereplyas”) - Abkhaz melodies.

Ramie daroka
Ramie daroka

Rami Daroka: “It seems that the same sounds and instruments are recorded, but the style of the game and the style (music) of each dance are different.
In my work I play not only Kabardian or Adyg music, I strive to cover the whole Caucasus, in its great diversity. At the same time, my main task is to preserve the flavor and stylistics inherent in this musical dance culture while doing my own processing. ”

We invite you to listen and download the EP “Melodies of the Mountains” on our website and remind you that it is also available on all major music venues.

Listen and download the mini-album by Rami Daroc "Melodies of the Mountains"

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