Composition about Adyghe etiquette "Adyghe namys" presented today Rezuan Maremukov @rezuan_maremukov. This song, written by the poet Alim Khanfenov and composer Aslan Daurov, is known to the public by the People's Artist of the KBR and KCR Khusein Maremukov.

Rezuan Maremukov
Rezuan Maremukov

“I am glad to present my listeners an old, good song in my own processing. The single sings that the Circassians honor and respect their beautiful customs and traditions. From time immemorial, the high Adyghe culture plays a crucial role in their life. After all, honor, integrity, truthfulness, the ability to behave in society, attentiveness, respect for elders - all this makes up the Adyghe etiquette (Adyghe Khabze, Adyghe Nemys). ”, Says Rezuan Maremukov

Listen and download the song of Rezuan Maremukov “Adyghe Nemys”

Lyrics of Rezuan Maremukov's song “Adyghe Nemys”

Adygagye adygagye dysche
Psem and schlaseu wi wired yaus
Zahetykle nesym and nagischeu
Kythogogeshlyr adyghe namys

Kythonuryr ar de nehusch wagueu
Ar tsyhugum guapeu kyylools
Dene Leahi Nyrires Yi Laguer
Habze dahuu adyghe namys

Nehjyzhygye nehyshlagye fasheu
Schen ladeb nehugye hurekuhi
Lepkym and shihu laguer hemiguascheu
Habze dahuu adyghe namys

Yugashchel di zhetykleflym
Flyr dzheljeplau zethure fokhus
Kypsychrehue Ue Dunheim and Neflır
Habze dahuu adyghe namys

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