“I do not want to be with one, and with this I want to be, and with that one!” - is sung in a new composition Robert Karaketov @robertkaraketov "Idle", published today. According to the author and the performer, this song is both humorous and serious at the same time ...

Robert Karaketov
Robert Karaketov

“Listeners perceive it differently. For some, the status of a bachelor is just a fun life period, and for someone - a lifestyle and a solid position. In any case, this song will surely please men who appreciate the diversity of feminine beauty, - says Robert, - I want to wish my listeners good luck on their chosen path and thank them for appreciating my work. It inspires me to write and perform such emotional, cheerful and vital songs! ”

You can listen to and download the song of Robert Karaketov “Blank” right now on our website.

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