Premiere on the YouTube channel “Zvuk-M” - now you can watch a clip of a popular artist Manvela Pashayana for a song called Roses, Roses.

This is a musical project of the author of the words of Igor Blotsky and of Manvel himself, who was the author of the music, which the artist decided to visually draw by inviting the director Arut Tevosyan to shoot.

Harut also wrote the script for the plot clip and he was engaged in the selection of actors.
A romantic story unfolds in front of the audience, in which Manvel plays himself - an artist whom lovers are suitable to meet. They were played by Hayk Tevosyan and Valery Baturin.

“This is a song about happy love,” says the performer, “when you are in love, you want to constantly delight your soulmate. And how else can you pamper a girl if not with flowers? .. Many smiles, surprises and a sea of ​​roses are waiting for you in the video! ”

Previously, the clip was only available on the artist’s YouTube channel, now you can watch “Roses, Roses” and channel music publishing house "Sound-M". Waiting for you!

You can also download Manvel Pashayan's song “Roses, Roses” on iTunes, Google play, Apple music and Yandex.Music music services.

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