Popular singer Ruslan Hasanov became the hero of the 6-th release of the program "Hit Capital", where his песня «Караванщик» took the first place of the music charts on the basis of audience voting.

As the artist confessed, he realized that this track would be a hit even while recording:

"When I performed, I felt it - I hooked myself from the first verse!"

Ruslan told how the song was born, and what work was done on its creation, as well as about the creative plans for the near future:

“I haven’t been releasing anything for a year, it’s hard to say why such a pause ... After the last solo concert, I paid a lot of attention to the new products that sounded there. During this time, accumulated a few fresh songs that will be released soon. For example, there will be one super duet, I will not say with whom. It's a secret…".

The singer also said about the duets that, despite the fact that their recording is more difficult and many artists refuse to take it because of it, he, on the contrary, treats this experience with great pleasure.

Also, the performer answered the questions of TV viewers, and at the end of the program appealed to fans, wishing them peace and respect for each other.

You can watch the broadcast of the Hit Capital program with the participation of Ruslan Hasanov right now: