The performance of Zarina Bugayeva and Ruslana Sobiyeva in the “Izvestia Hall” can now be seen on our YouTube channel.

In October last year, the actress music publishing house "Sound-M" Ruslana Sobieva и Zarina Bugaeva took part in the concert "Stars East FM", which was held in the "Izvestia Hall" in Moscow. It was a grand event, where the popular Russian pop stars, who gave Vostok FM radio stations their hits, performed in front of the guests of the evening.

Zarina Bugayeva and Ruslana Sobiev sang the song “I Love You” and were very pleased with how warmly the audience greeted them. The singers also stressed the high level of organization of the event and said that they had met behind the scenes with their long-time favorite artists and even managed to make friends with them.

The performance of our stars is now possible. look on the YouTube channel "Sound-M", fresh video is already waiting for you!

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Video of Zarina Bugayeva and Ruslana Sobiyeva