“The Great Patriotic War was victoriously completed, Germany was completely crushed” ... - this is also an excerpt from the order of the Supreme Commander (J. V. Stalin), which issued it in the morning of 9 on May 1945 of the year, and the point of reporting a new life for our people.

For those who survived, despite the terrible losses and destruction, the test of hunger, cold and death ...

Victory Day is not just a joyful holiday, it is also a day of remembrance and eternal grief. Day of pride for their country and for those who fearlessly defended it in bloody battles. Those who heroically stood for their loved ones and for their homeland, until the last breath ...

We hear stories about the Great Patriotic War and its heroes since childhood. In almost every family, they are passed on from grandfathers to grandchildren and invariably touch hearts with their example.

In the families of the artists of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” there are also heroes who brought the present holiday closer. Artists told about them under the heading "I remember, I'm proud."

Sultan Uragan reports

Khazhirokov Habas Talibovich

“Khazhyrokov Khabas Talibovich’s grandfather (1916-1992) was called up for military service in 1939. He began his service in the city of Kremenchug, Teraspol Region, Ukrainian SSR, as a machine gunner in a rifle regiment.

After the attack of fascist Germany on the Soviet Union from the first days together with the regiment entered into a match with the enemy. Senior Sergeant Habas Talibovich, the commander of a machine-gun platoon, retreating under the onslaught of the fascist troops, was wounded at Stalingrad. After the second injury in 1944, he was discharged for health reasons and returned home.

For military service he was awarded many medals and the Order of the Patriotic War of the second degree.

After the war, 44 worked on the collective farm Kyzburun of the Baksan district in various positions. His work was awarded with various awards and in 1980 was awarded as a labor veteran.

I remember, I am proud! ”

Aslan Tlebzu reports

Tlebzu Sagid Anzaurovich
Tlebzu Sagid Anzaurovich

“My grandfather Tlebzu Sagid Anzaurovich was born in 1914, in the village of Jijihabl, Teuchezhsky district of Adygea. Studied at school. At the end of the 7 class, he worked in his native village.
October 25 in 1930 was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army, in whose ranks he participated in the 1940 year in the liberation of the western regions of Ukraine and Belarus. He took an active part in the Finnish war from 1939 of the year to 1940.
Senior Lieutenant in the Red Army with 1937g.
The commander of the battalion of the Order.
List of awards:
03.03.1943g - Order of the Red Star.
21.01.1944 - Order of the Patriotic War 1 degree.
25.01.1944 - Order of the Red Banner.
I remember! IM proud of!"

We congratulate everyone on Victory Day! We wish you a peaceful and bright sky over your head! Health and happiness! Love and well-being!

We thank the veterans of the Great Patriotic War for their invaluable services, their strength and courage! For a life!

Eternal glory to the heroes!