A video version of the concert of a famous singer SALMIRAwhich took place in the town of Kaspiysk this spring

The concert titled "The Story of Dreams" was held on the birthday of the artist - 30 April.

“I called the program in honor of the composition of the same name, which I released on the eve of this concert. I was preparing for it for a month and I picked up songs mostly positive, dancing. As I noticed that they come true, and in my work lately I try to bring joy, rather than sadness, to select a more life-affirming repertoire, ”says SALMIRA.

It was the first concert of the artist in Dagestan, and it was there that she first sang in Avar. According to her, the public accepted very well:

“I always have a very sensitive and kind viewer, which I am proud of. The evening was intense, my friends and colleagues from Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan arrived. Thank you so much for your support! ”.

You can watch the concert “The Story of Dreams” on our website or on YouTube channel performer.