Bright and charismatic, fun and talented performers of the family Bojgua got on the First Channel - Elsa became one of the participants who fought for the main prize of the Field of Miracles program with Leonid Yakubovich.

“It was very fascinating,” says the singer, “the questions, of course, were difficult, but it was interesting to observe the process with my own eyes and take part in the legendary game on the federal channel.”

Naturally, support the mother and wife came to the program: the head of the family - Taimuraz Bojgua and their sons - Vaso and Niko. Especially for the spectators in the hall and for the viewers, the artists performed "Georgian Polyphony", causing loud applause.

You can follow the course of the game with Elsa, as well as see the performance of Bojgua, you can broadcast on Channel One on December 14. Do not miss