Sergey Leshchev presented a new song - “I will forgive you”

Today the composition was released Sergey Leshchev "I forgive you." It was written by talented author German Popov. According to the artist, the song is very different from its previous tracks, and this is a great opportunity to surprise regular listeners and a new audience.

Listen and download Sergey Leshchev's song “Forgive You!”

Sergey Leshchev
Sergey Leshchev

“For my repertoire, the song is cardinally new. And this is great! After all, you can never stand still, it is necessary to move forward and, preferably, in different directions, - says Sergey, - “I will forgive you” - this is not a chanson, but not an outright pop. The track is designed for young people, and I am sure that everyone who likes this song will find a piece of their love story in it. And the meaning is very simple - never be upset with your loved ones! Do as much as possible in order not to lose your soul mate. Despite any quarrels and disappointments. After all, losing and letting go is much easier than finding love in this life again! ”

From today, the song “I will forgive you!” Will be aired on 14 radio stations. And you can listen and download the track on all digital platforms.

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