The office of the company “Zvuk-M” was visited by a famous singer Sergey Leshchevwho brought some new songs.

It’s not the first year that Sergey has been collaborating with a music publishing company, during which time many tracks and the very successful album “Always With You” have been released. Now the artist is preparing to release new author’s songs.

“In the spring I wrote the song“ New Life ”, and in the summer -“ Positive ”. A lot of work and effort was invested in them. For example, professional musicians were attracted to record so that almost everything sounded alive. In general, the projects turned out to be of high quality and, according to the publishing house workers, promising. I used to trust the opinion of the specialists of “Zvuk-M”, because during 1,5 of the year of cooperation we managed to achieve tremendous success. The results of digital sales show that my compositions, thanks to the work of the company's employees, are being listened not only in Russia, but also abroad. And today I also learned that my tracks are now rotated on the radio station in Abkhazia, ”the artist says.

After discussing the results of the promotion over the past period, they proceeded to plans for the future. They imply the organization of two solo concerts of Sergey Leshchev in Abkhazia, the date of which is still under discussion.

Well, the premiere of the songs "New Life" and "Positive" is scheduled for the near future and will take place on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music. Music Beeline, Yandex Music.