Premiere of the new song by Sergey Leshchev - “Positive”!

As the artist himself says, this composition is very different from other songs in his repertoire, since this time it is not devoted to a happy or unrequited love for a woman. He wrote the track “Positive” about the attitude to life itself and how it is transformed, if you look at everything with a smile.

Premiere of the new song by Sergey Leshchev - “Positive”!“There are such words in which everything is reflected,” says Sergey, “Looking to the night sky, what do you see? Universe, infinity, or just the light of a star? " After all, often looking at the same object or natural phenomenon, we perceive them in completely different ways. The point is to think only about the good, to see deeper. "All your dreams and thoughts embody life into reality." That is, you yourself are the master of your destiny, you aspire, you achieve something, do not stand still, everything is in your hands! You should never be sad or deeply worried about something. Otherwise, you simply can not achieve the heights to which fate leads you. I wanted to convey to the listeners that you need to rejoice more, fill yourself with only positive energy, and then the Universe will smile and tell you where to go next, it will help if you do a lot of good. ”

The song “Positive” differs from other songs of Sergey not only by its semantic orientation, but also by its musical style. Fans of the artist immediately noticed it.

“Here, everything breathes with tempo rock,” the performer comments, “many of my listeners thought that I was going to another genre. But why not? I do not go to another genre, I open my own a little wider. That's all. I am proud of this song, I am glad that I could write it and I give it to all my fans! More positive guys, and everything will work out! ”

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