The other day the office of the Musical Publishing House “Zvuk-M” was visited by a favorite of the female half of the public, the owner of a bewitching velvet voice - a popular singer Sergey Leshchev.

Sergey Leshchev in the office of the company "Sound-M"

The purpose of the visit is the most pleasant: the singer brought new seven tracks, which will soon be released in his new album.

- The number of 7 has long been magical to me. It so happened that when I released the first album, I had 7 songs recorded, and over the past six months I created 7 songs that are fully ready for release, ”said Sergey.

Leshchev's new album will be called “After You”. At the meeting, during the discussion of the strategic plan for the release of the album, it was decided that he would see the light this spring.

Also, the artist gave his new video to the publishing house - a video for the song “After You”. It will be another surprise for fans of the singer in a couple of months.

The artist gave his new video to the publisher - video for the song “After You”
The artist gave his new video to the publishing house - a video for the song “After You”. In the photo: Anton Maluneev, Sergey Leshchev.

The video was filmed in the picturesque corners of Arkhyz and Dombai, and the famous director Dmitry Moskvitin worked on it, the short film “Interview” of which entered the program of the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

- All documents are signed, the material transferred to the work. So we have great plans with Sound-M! - summed up Sergey.

The artist has been cooperating with the music publishing house for almost a year.

He is pleased with the pace and results of his work over this time: “First of all, I really like the way they meet me. The atmosphere is always warm and positive. This time, too - despite the workload of the staff, the whole friendly team gathered in the director's office. I was listened to, offered a lot of new options for the promotion of the material and, not least, explained how things are in the digital market today. The statistics I was introduced to showed which of my songs are the most popular. So, I learned, for example, that “Smile” is currently in the greatest demand among listeners. ”

During the visit, all necessary cooperation documents were signed. In the photo: Sergey Leshchev, Igor Mikhno.

These results were very useful for the future plans of the artist. Sergey decided that since the audience loves this track more, then a new video will be shot on it.

At the end of the meeting, the company's employees and Sergey Leshchev outlined in the plans for the future a big event - the organization of a solo concert of the artist. It is planned to be held in the resort cities of the Caucasus: Mineralnye Vody, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk and others.

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