Popular performer Sergey Zeynalyan Now actively working on the release of a new song. Fans are constantly wondering when will the track be released? Answering this question, Sergey also said that he was going to shoot a video for a musical novelty called "Little."

Sergey Zeynalyan
Sergey Zeynalyan

“I want to inform you that the process of working on a song is not as simple as it seems. In fact, - the artist explains to impatient fans, - a person who, outside of musical creativity, thinks that a musician (vocalist) has come to the studio, has sung and now you have a finished song! But in reality, everything is completely different: it takes a lot of time and effort.
So, before the premiere of the song “Little” there was just a little bit. We finish the process of recording voice and information, then proceed to shooting the video. ”

Start shooting is scheduled for November 7. The singer promised to tell about all events connected with this process in his social networks. "Follow the news in my tape. I am grateful that you are there because it is all for you! ”

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