Sha Man and Kamik: “You have to fight for love!”

Popular hip-hop artists Sha man и kamik presented to the listeners another joint project - a song called “No one”.

Listen and download the song Sha Man and Kamik "To Anybody"

How much time is needed to “gather oneself”, after the love story is finished, to finally come to the conclusion that one can part with a person, but with a memory of him and, especially, with feelings — parting is not so easy ? And is it worth it? The performers of the new track, were convinced in their experience of how difficult it is, and therefore the message of their track is: “For love you always have to fight!”


“We were both in this situation, which we describe in the song“ To No One. ” And, for sure, half of our listeners, too! - says Kamik, - such moments teach a lot, but at the same time they show what you are ready for for the sake of relationships. You can not give up, it is necessary to draw conclusions and try to preserve your happiness. Even if it is difficult. ”

By the way, the composition released today will be included in the mini-album, which the artists promise to release soon:
“We have already prepared material for the EP, which we are currently working on with the South Production studio and are planning to release it within a few months.”

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