The first duet track Sha Man and Kamik "Mai Love" was released

Meet the first duet track from the creator of the hype video "Trump" (ft Lady Fortuna) Sha Man and hip-hop artist Kamik - "My Love"! You can listen and download it on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, as well as in the BOOM application (for users of social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki).

Listen and download the song Sha Man and Kamik "Mai Love"

For the first time, artists met to discuss the work of Kamik, who wanted to show his tracks Sha Man. And having listened to the songs, they understood that they absolutely agree on tastes and stylistics. Then Sha Man offered to assemble a team and make a joint project. As Kamik says, he gladly agreed, because "in the team, work is both more fun and easier."

Sha Man and Kamik released track "Mai Love"
Sha Man and Kamik released track "Mai Love"

The artists turned to the “SouthProduction” studio and began close cooperation in September of this year. Now they are working on recording the EP, which they plan to release in 2019. Today Sha Man and Kamik represent the first joint single.

“This song was born recently,” says Kamik (the author of the track), “and came to mind, as always happens, spontaneously. I was going to meet with friends, as there was no inspiration and almost no ideas. But while he was going, he began to hum mentally. There was a motive in my head, I decided to record while there was time, and listen to what happened. Immediately began to prescribe the text. I thought about the "chip", because I like to use them in the tracks, and chose the expression "my love". When everything was about ready, showed this song Sha Man. He liked it, and we turned into the studio of our friends SouthProduction, where Ruslan Gutaev made us a phonogram and the entire track as a whole. Now we continue to work with this studio on recording the album. ”

Now the artists are also planning to shoot a video for a new composition. Embark on it is planned in the spring of next year.

Sha Man and Kamik: “Listen, and support us, and we in due time, we will try to please you with new works! We hope that our work will be appreciated by you. Thank and love everyone. Happy New Year, everyone!".

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