The Prodigy presented the album "No Tourists"

According to Yandex.Music, “The Prodigy recorded an album in which they urge the listener“ not to be a tourist ”- to abandon the beaten track and step into the unknown, towards dangers and adventures. The sound of the “No Tourists” record, the creator of the band Liam Howlett, calls “the devil's rave” and adds: “This is our trademark, unique sound”. Barnes Courtney and the rap union Ho99o9 participated in the recording of the new work. The song “Need Some1” used the vocal sample of Lolitta Holloway, a popular soul singer of 70's.

The album is presented on the November 2 digital platforms of the year 2018, and three songs have already been shot from it in the charts. These are “Light Up the Sky”, “We Live Forever” and “Timebomb Zone”. The track “Fight Fire with Fire”, recorded together with HO99O9, is also on the rise.