Musical creativity, sound recording and music business do not stand still - every year new technologies, new means, and therefore new terms appear. To better navigate in modern music and understand the new culture, we will explain the basic terms and notation adopted for today.

Musical and sound creativity

Bitmaker (English beatmaker from beat - rhythm and maker - the manufacturer; that is, creating the beat) - in rap music: a person who creates music for MC. Bit - the main part of the music (track), on which rap artists recite their lyrics. Bitmaker performs the functions of a composer and arranger. Creating beats is an art in the genres of rap and hip-hop.

Beat tap This is an archive, a music library, a collection of all the bits made by the beatmaker.

Breakdown In translation - decline, stop, failure. Initially, the term designated part of a rock composition with a slow tempo and performed by a bass player and keyboard player (sometimes a drummer). Later, breakdown became part of the dance DJ culture. Emotionally - psychologically prepares the public for the next explosion (release) of energy on the dance floor.

DJ (Eng. DJ from disc jockey - disc jockey) - a person performing a public reproduction of recorded on audio media music with change.

Cover, cover version (in translation from English - cover) - the performance or recording of the author's musical work by another musician, vocalist or group. A cover is a special case of a remake (see below). A concert or a disc entirely consisting of cover versions of songs by one performer or group is called a tribute (from the English tribute - tribute, gift).

MS Emsy or MC (abbr. Eng. Master of Ceremonies), in reggae culture and hip-hop - the host of events, the artist, accompanied by electronic dance music, uttering the words from the stage - preformed or improvised, usually in the form of rap - to provoke the public and also present a DJ. Emsy not only leads parties, but also represents guests, DJs, participants, holds contests; His task is to "lead the crowd." He must feel the audience, her wishes and moods, as well as possess a significant vocabulary, sense of humor, be able to improvise. Since the end of 1970, the term "MS" has become associated with hip-hop music and culture. Emsy reads rhymed lines, written earlier or composed by an impromptu (freestyle) - to present to the audience and listeners of the DJ, with whom she works, to warm up the crowd, to show himself or comment on a socially important event. With the development of hip-hop, the term MC began to be decoded as a microphone controller (“microphone controller”), mic checka (“testing microphone”), music commentator (“music commentator”), and even the crowd (“crowd control”). Today, the term "MC" is used along with the concept of "rapper", others put a broader meaning into it.

Musmaker Integral notion of the profession, including the work of the arranger, studio sound engineer and producer of recordings of various styles and directions.

Remix A remixed (translated as re-mixed or re-translated) track or phonogram means that some uncritical changes have occurred in the arrangement and sound of the source material. In this case, the sound of the original components (tracks, instrument parts) usually does not change. The length of the phonogram is most often subjected to changes in the direction of lengthening or decreasing, some instrument or sound can also be added, a change in the structure of the instrument part can occur.

Remake. This is a completely converted phonogram: the arrangement and sound direction of the track is changed, re-sung or melody played.

Sabbas. This is part of the spectrum of the phonogram in the area from 20 to 160 hertz. Reproduced by high-quality speakers and a subwoofer (speakers with one subwoofer). Attention to this range has increased due to the growing popularity of some areas of music, which emphasize the sound of bass and barrels (hip hop, "heavy" rock styles, dance music).

Track. This word today has a double meaning. The track itself refers to the phonogram itself in the form of a file intended for reproduction, as well as a separately recorded part of any instrument and presented in the form of an oscillogram or a spectrogram in a sound editor. The first concept - most often DJ, and the second - refers to the field of musicmaking and sound engineering.

Tracker A word that also has two meanings in Russian. The first is the name of an outdated digital audio editor, working on samples (loops, van-shots), from which it was easy to make a track (part). The second is the torrent site.

Music business (distribution)

Feat. The abbreviated "featuring", or "with the participation of", together with someone, recorded the track. It is always celebrated if the partner is known as an independent creative unit or a participant in another famous musical project.

Single (in trans. from English - single). In a different way, it is a small disk (earlier - a small plate) with one musical composition. There were two of them on old vinyl magpies, on the one and the other side of the record. Singles with the hit songs of the album came out before the official release of the album.

EP (Extended Play). Otherwise - a minion, or mini-album, consisting of four or six pieces of music. A common form of music carriers in the era of records, and now.

Album. This is the most common and standard version of recording music on media (from ten to eighteen tracks). Vinyl record - the album is called LP (long play), there are also options: a double album (2 CD or 2 LP), a triple album and a box set (collection of albums).

Mixtape A common form of distribution of their creativity through the Internet for beginners. In fact, it is a collection of other people's phonograms or borrowed sound materials with texts sung or read over the top. A peculiar non-cost option to attract the attention of listeners.

Release Implementation, release, demonstration, display of the finished music product (often album). Includes a set of activities aimed at promoting and mass selling this product.

Streaming (listening) - providing access to content on the Internet through a web-resource or a special application on the user's device in real time for listening or viewing using technology that does not allow saving or otherwise copying the content to the user's device during completion of listening (except for transit storage required for transmission in real time, for example, in the data buffer).

Production In literal translation - the production, or the process of creation (text, music, arrangement) of a musical work, as well as editing, processing, mixing and mastering of phonograms. It is sometimes used as slang for ready-made audio products of universal purpose (for use in movies, on television, in audio advertising, etc.).