Musical publishing house “Zvuk-M” presents Alla Boychenko's album!

Midsummer is marked by the appearance of an extremely interesting and original musical project, the main driving and creative force of which is a talented performer who has a very powerful and beautiful voice - Alla Boychenko.

The EP entitled “Maryam” is a bold experiment in which the wise Caucasus, the mysterious East and the modern West are closely intertwined. The album is full of fresh ideas and unusual solutions, both in vocal terms and from the side of the arrangement.

The creative compilation of the singer's ideas included 6 compositions in 5 languages: Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Balkarian and Chechen. Despite this, from the very first notes, so confident, strong, and somewhere even naively touching, sung by Allah, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that you stop paying attention to what language the songs are played with. After all, the album, on the creation of which she worked for more than four years, is filled with sincerity and warmth.

“Since childhood, I was surrounded by national music, which imperceptibly for me absorbed into my lifestyle and became in some way my second nature. At the same time, I always liked foreign music: Etta James, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and many others. So, when it came to my own creativity, the question of style and direction did not stand - the love of such seemingly different music organically gave rise to a symbiosis of ethnic music with different modern genres, ”says Alla.

The music for the EP tracks was written by the friend and colleague of the singer - Alexandra Akmanova, with which they studied at GITIS. And the Moscow arranger and musician Maxim Cherkasov helped them to record and arrange the project.

“The track“ Atla Barad ”(“ The Rider ”) initially included flamenco elements, but after mixing it acquired a completely different sound - keyboards began to dominate in the general sound palette and the duo came out in addition to vocals. I liked the old version, but many people fell in love with the song in the new interpretation, ”comments Boychenko.

Alla Boychenko and the author of the text of the song “Atla Barad” (“The Horseman”) Yusuf Dzhappuyev

The album's track-list includes both remakes of folk songs and author's songs, in which the singer has invested her own emotional experiences: “Save Song” is especially dear to me. I wrote the words for it back in the distant 2014 year. In my life it was a period of upheaval, and I fully tried to reflect my emotions in verse. It turned out pretty deep and touching text. It is a pity, but for the record, solely for creative purposes, it had to be cut, the track turned out a bit long.

Еще одна авторская песня – это «Звуки города». Дуэт, который мы исполняем вместе с Тенгизом Габаевым. Хотелось написать что-то объединяющее для всех городов Кавказа и Закавказья, и чтобы при этом трек интересно звучал, поэтому и решили сделать его более современным, и даже немного танцевальным», — поясняет артистка.

The name of the album “Maryam” was chosen not only because it is one of the most popular hits of the performer, but also because that is the name of Alla’s mother: “The album is dedicated to my parents, he is Russian-Balkarian. My dad is Russian, and my mother is Balkar, her name is Maryam. This is another reason why the song of Omar Otarov “Maryam” I like so much. Working on a remake, we took as a basis the melodiousness of the original, added a guitar, percussion and, of course, an accordion. The track began to play with new colors and fell in love with my audience. I, so to speak, re-opened it for her.

Alla Boychenko in the studio
Alla Boychenko in the studio

Another cover present in the album - “National Mix” - the idea was to collect several folk songs in different languages ​​in one track. Initially, it was a musical project, which I recorded with three girls, being graduates of GITIS. Subsequently, I myself began to perform this song, having changed it a little. ”

The most interesting is that the album "Maryam" could not be. The singer lost her voice for almost a year, and doctors told her that he might not return. But, despite the not consoling diagnosis, the actress defeated the disease and brought the matter to the end.

“The album has become in many ways an experiment, a kind of challenge to my creative abilities. I just want to make a reservation, there are no songs here that demonstrate all my vocal abilities, ”the singer modestly adds,“ It’s rather intended for easy listening. I plan to release powerful vocal compositions a bit later. I really like what I do and consider it unfair that ethnic music is now forgotten by many. With my work, I wanted to innovate in this area. Show how you can make such music interesting and in demand. I hope I did it. "

Now Alla starts shooting clips for all 6 tracks included in the album. You can judge for yourself how well the singer managed to realize her ideas, because the album can already be listened to and downloaded at the largest music services, including iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.

Listen to the album “Maryam” by Alla Boychenko