The popular author, composer and performer Timur Losanov presented today a new project - “Hekhe Jagu” (“Dance in the Alien”).

Listen and download the song of Timur Losanov Hekhe Jagu "

A connoisseur of the Adyghe folklore and folk rituals brought to life another idea - to show a choreographic production for the author's composition, created in a unique style.

“I present to your attention a track that takes me away! - Timur says, - I invite you to immerse yourself in the romance of the Circassian playthor Jagu. The idea of ​​the composition was born 25 years ago, in the era of 90-s, when communication with Circassian diasporas of the whole world began. We tried to convey those feelings when the curtain fell.
The manner and style of playing the instrument in this composition is different in that it uses a very complex fur technique, a sophisticated finger tremolo technique, and, of course, the basic melody of the piece is kept. All these three methods should go simultaneously. "

“Haha Jagu” at one time acquired a unique choreography: from an invitation to a circle of partners, to the completion of the dance. To show this, Timur Losanov decided to make a clip filled with emotional colors of the jagu and embodying the energy of the composition.

Timur Losanova Haes Jagu's video clip

Video filming took place in Nalchik. According to Timur, the warm fraternal atmosphere at the site allowed to meet one shooting day, and the operator and editor Murat Dzuev eventually prepared a high-quality video, corresponding to the author's idea.

“The idea was to show that modern young Circassians, wherever they are in the world, remain adherents of their culture, history, folklore,” Timur explains, “the bar in the background of the frame is not an accident. She is one of the peculiar references to the fact that no matter how modern we would be, if you are a Circassian, then stand up and dance with me! ”

Young heroes of the video are not professional dancers, but ordinary students from the Circassian Diaspora of Turkey. They showed a youth overturn without a partner, in order to emphasize the energy of choreography even more clearly within the framework of the author's idea. In the original, this is a pair dance.

“From the point of view of choreography, very bright and memorable steps, drawings, movements of the legs and hands, which clearly beat off the rhythm of the melody, are used there. And this greatly impresses the viewer! ”, - Timur Losanov summed up.

We invite you to watch the clip "Hehas Jagu" right now!

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