The song Flischeure Slagua was released in Kabardian

Today, with the support of the label “Kavkaz Music”, the premiere of the single in Kabardian language “Flischeure sleegua” (“Strong Love”) performed Aslana Thakumachev @aslan_thakumachev_ and Dina Haradurova.

Aslan Thakumachev
Aslan Thakumachev

“This is a song about the mutual feelings of a guy and a girl,” Aslan explains, “here it is sung about how they confess to each other in love. I was imbued with every thought of the author so that I could convey them to the listener with my execution. “This single is completely to my liking and I hope everyone will also like the emotions that Dina and I tried to convey.”

Listen to the new composition of Aslan Tkhakumachev and Dina Kharadurova “Flischeure sleegua” on our website.

Listen and download the song Flischeure Slagua

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