Famous musician Ramie daroka @rami_daroka presented today the new author's composition - “Lapairisse” (“Adygei pereplyas”). The artist dedicated this instrumental melody to one of the most popular dances of the Adyghe people.

Ramie daroka
Ramie daroka

“This dance originated among the Circassians living in Turkey, Jordan and Syria. It is called "Shyshen Qafe". In the Caucasus, it recently spread as “Laaparise”. Shyshen kafe is one of the most popular fast dances of the Adyghe diaspora. Without it, no dance play is worth it. He is loved by both the young and the older generation, ”the author explains.

According to Rami, the dance “Laparisé” is distinguished by its own style, strict etiquette and restrained expression. All this was taken into account when creating a new track:
“Adygsky“ Shyshen ”is a unique repertoire of tunes. From a musical point of view, any melody performed by a certain technique of “fur” and melismatic can be called “Shyshen k'afe,” Rami comments, “this composition, in addition to the introduction I composed, included various old melodies preserved in the Adyghe diaspora, this: Shapsugskaya kyafe, guashtegaze, kafe "Comic", shyshen kafe. Despite the fact that I changed the shape and harmony of these melodies, I tried to preserve the main melodic line of ancient tunes. I hope the audience will appreciate it. "

You can get acquainted with the magical composition of Rami Daroc "La Caperice" right now - we invite you to listen and download the track on our website!

Listen and download Ramie Daroc's composition "La Caperice"

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