Arthur Tekeev @artur_tekeev introduced today a new single. A composition called “Strings of the Soul” is a song about parting, about a painful period when love fades away, remaining a fairy tale in memories.

According to the author of the track, Aslan Khubiev, real human stories inspired him to create this composition.

“I was told many cases from life when people had to end relationships, despite the fact that their feelings were still alive. Involuntarily, I began to wonder what a person is experiencing at this moment, how hard and painful it is? I transferred my thoughts to this song, filling it with emotions, emotions and love. I am sure that many students will recognize their past or present in this project, ”the author says.

Listen and download the track of Arthur Tekeev "Soul Strings" we offer you on our website right now!

Listen and download Arthur Tekeyev’s song “Soul Strings”

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