Masterfully put on music words from Vladimir Mayakovsky's poem “Good” a popular singer Sultan Uragan. Having created a new incendiary musical project for myself and for the charming young singer Deniza Khekilaeva!

“Eyes-Heaven” is the name of the duet with which Sultan decided to show the general public of the “other” Mayakovsky ...

“It has been three years already, as I discovered the work of this poet, but completely different - the lyrics, a man who deeply reverses himself completely outside for the reader,” says the artist, “a man with a difficult, tragic fate. His poems inspired an unpretentious melody to me, and I decided to write a song on his lyrics to open for everyone the wrong Mayakovsky as they know him - the “angular” Soviet poet, but something completely different ... It turned out brightly, playfully, and therefore in a duet with Denise - so harmonious.

The first time I saw her on the television project "Voice" and immediately "enrolled" in the ranks of her fans! As it turned out later, I have long known her grandmother, and dad and mom, and then I personally met her at one of the performances. For some reason, seeing her on TV, it seemed to me that she was much older, such an impression develops when she speaks. But in life, Denizochka turned out to be a small, tender and fragile girl. Although she takes herself very seriously and responsibly to work. ”

The joint song turned out to be dance and fun artists, and the simple movements with which they decorate their performance are remembered almost from the first time. So I want them to sing and dance!

At this stage, the track "Eyes-Heaven" is in the finalization stage, but in the near future, according to Sultan, will appear on all streaming venues.