Performers of the sensational hit "At the disco!" Sultan Uragan @sultan_uragan и Murat Thagalegov @murat__thagalegov Prepare a surprise for fans - a new joint song!

The text “Call” was written by Sultan Hajiroko together with the famous musician Ruslan Reno, who is the author of many tracks for Russian pop stars.

Sultan Uragan
Sultan Uragan

“Oddly enough, this is our first duet with Murat after the release of the song“ To the disco! ”, Sultan comments,“ taking into account the fact that her success should have moved us to make some continuation for a long time. But, nevertheless, a new composition was born just now. The stylistics and manner in which Murat appears in this project is new to him. At first he was wary of this, but in the end fell in love with this song. It turned out with a modern rhythm, 808 bass and a bit of hooliganism.

I really hope that the song will appeal to people. We also shot a video for her, which, I hope, will also respond in the hearts of listeners and viewers! ”

The song “Call” will be performed at a solo concert of the Sultan Uragan group on October 16 in Moscow, on the Izvestia Hall stage, but for now, we offer to listen to an excerpt from the track that the Sultan shared with subscribers on the social network ...

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Publication by Sultan Hurricane (@sultan_uragan)