Everyone is looking forward to the premiere clip Sultana Hurricane и Angelica Nacheva for the song "Seeds", which was filmed in Taman. But it turns out that one version of the video, on which Sultan worked in Turkey, was already shot for this track ...

As we have already said, the composition "Seeds" by Angelica Nachesova was written specifically for a joint project with the artist in order to perform it together at his solo concert. But it so happened that Sultan was unable to attend, and then they found the original way out of this situation ...

“Just at that date I had a tour in Turkey, and I could not participate and support Angelica. But she still sent the track, as they say, for the future, and then offered to record it and beat it so that she will perform the song live from the stage, and I will be “broadcast” on the video screen, which will hang in the hall. I liked this idea, because interactive is very interesting. Moreover, I immediately had an idea how to do this in a semi-multiplicative, fairytale theme. We recorded a demo of the track, and I flew with her to Turkey. There he shot a video sequence, the One Light Studio company mounted it, and I sent a video to Angelica. So she and performed this song for the first time at her concertwhile I was “singing from the screen”. But I want to say that initially the very idea of ​​the song being about seeds was very pleasant to me and, knowing Angelica’s talent, I assumed that we could make a good project. ”

Well, and on the return of the Sultan-Hurricane from the tour, artists decided to shoot a full-fledged video for a new duet song with the support of the music publishing house "Sound-M". As soon as the script was completed and approved, and the costumes were prepared, the entire team, including the Petrucho film production company, went to Taman to shoot a video in places familiar to us from the hit video "To the disco!".

True, even there the employment of the Sultan-Hurricane made itself felt, but, despite the tight schedule, the singer nevertheless managed to adjust everything so that the process did not suffer from this.

Sultan-Uragan: “We arrived at the ethnographic corner“ Ataman ”and on the first day we shot“ incoming ”and more unpretentious frames of the clip“ Seeds ”. In the photo Sultan-Uragan and artists of the ensemble “ZOOM dance project” (Rostov)

“We arrived at the ethnographic corner“ Ataman ”and on the first day we shot the“ incoming ”and more unpretentious frames of the clip, and that night I left for Anapa to fly to Moscow, since in the morning I had a broadcast on“ Radio Chanson ".

I flew to the capital at night, in the morning I was on the air, and then rushed back to the airport, and in 16.00 I was already in Atamani. Changed quickly and, for the remaining couple of hours before the fall in exposure, we shot most of the clip. All this bustle, bustle, and how we hurried when I flew in, it all stuck very strongly in me. I think that such things that are done spontaneously, knock you out of the comfort zone, they sometimes fill the project with completely new positive energy. ”

Sultan-Hurricane on the set of the video "Seed"

In addition to the inevitable rush, the unbearable heat that was present throughout all the days of filming also intervened in the process. But the work and the general idea so engulfed the whole friendly film crew that the fight against the scorching sun faded into the background.

“It's hot, stuffy, we are all in suits, wet, the makeup is flowing ...,” the artist recalls, “and the stuffiness in this area is due to the sea surrounding it on both sides, and in principle, the end of June was hot this year. So it was hard enough, although everything else was given simply because the leadership and employees of Atamani, as well as employees of the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnodar Territory, tried to help us in everything. Unlike how everything went on here during the filming of the video clip “To the disco!”, When something interfered all the time, the shooting was broken, it was transferred, with "Seeds" everything was much easierbecause people already knew us, they were already waiting for us, everything was at our service. ”

The whole team remembers the process of shooting the video with pleasure, and artists and their fans are looking forward to the result. The premiere of the video will take place soon and promises to be the loudest new this fall. Follow the news "Sound-M", we will tell you all the most interesting of backstage of the project "Seeds"!