A new single in Kabardian was released by Sultan Khazhiroko - “Uezyrat”

Sultan Hazhiroko
Sultan Hazhiroko

“This is a song about how hard it is to let go .... My old composition, in which we breathed new life and gave it a modern sound. With the adaptation and remaking of my youthful, tongue-tied verses, I was helped by the People's Artist of almost the whole Caucasus - Cherim Nakhushev!
By the way, during our backstage meetings, my fellow countryman Dmitry Bilan sings the song “Uesyrat” in the Kabardian language and recalls how he and her friends sang it at my solo concerts in the city of Maisky (KBR), ”says Sultan Hazhiroko.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new product - listen and download the track "Uezyrat" on our website.

Listen and download the song of Sultan Khazhiroko “Uezyrat”

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