Incendiary novelty from Ruslana Kaytmesov - This is a love story of a guy and a girl who met at a wedding and spun in a magical dance that fills hearts with love.

The artist himself wrote the words to the new track, inspired him to this charming mountain girl, whose name he keeps in secret.

“In this song, as in my many others, there is something personal. Perhaps this makes her so romantic. Folk music. I remember how the elders performed this composition. But over time, the words were erased from memory, so this gap had to be filled independently. I put my heart into the text and I really hope that the listeners will be imbued with ideas and feel the emotions that I tried to convey, ”Ruslan explains.

The plot of the song is painfully familiar to many, because a cheerful, noisy wedding is an excellent occasion to meet or even find your destiny. And therefore, the artist wants to recreate this picture on video and plans to begin shooting the video for this composition soon.

“The song is almost ready, I even performed it once before the premiere, and the audience was delighted. The project was very soulful and of high quality. Everything turned out the way I originally intended. In many ways, thanks to the work of the whole team: the arranger, musicians and backing vocalists, thanks to all of them! And thank you for the support of my brother, he will always help with wise advice and lift your spirits! ”, Says the performer.

Ruslan Kaytmesov has another novelty in line: the other day he recorded a duet with a singer from Kabardino-Balkaria - Irina Abregova. The artist calls the song titled “I Will Steal You,” “the story of a universal dream.” What this means - we will find out soon, because the singer is also planning to make a beautiful video for this single.