Talented vocalists TemirKosh @temirkosh и Mariana Saralp @maryana_saralp_known to the general public and as former members of the show group “CK STYLE”, presented today a lyrical novelty - the song “Between the Lines”, as well as a clip for it.

The author of the song was Timur Kitov. After hearing the love story of the performers, he was so inspired that he literally 15 minutes wrote the words to this track.


“For one and a half years of working with Timur, we created quite a few tracks, but we approached this song especially,” TemirKosh tells, “once we worked in the studio, and in between times I told him our story with Maryana. About how we met, what we went through together and how we came to the conclusion that we are already husband and wife. And then the idea to write a song about it. Timur immediately created the text - as if in brief he completely recounted this passage of our lives, and an arrangement was made overnight. So by the morning the song “Between the Lines” was born.

Having finished work on the track, the artists decided to release it along with the video and began to shoot the video. It was filmed in Nalchik. According to the director's idea, the characters of the video tell each other about love and rush to a fateful meeting.

“The video was created by a very talented person in his genre - Vasily Zaruba,” Temirkosh shared, “we still have many joint plans with him. Each time we will actively try to surprise you with your creativity! Well, today we want to share a new project and we hope that “Between the lines” will also be close to many, and the audience and audience will like it!

You can listen and download the song, as well as watch the new music video of the performers right now on our website!

Listen and download the song "Between the lines"

Watch the video "Between the lines"

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