Jessie J released her first Christmas album

“This Christmas Day” (“This Christmas Day”) is the fifth studio album by British singer Jesse J, released on October 26 2018. Canadian David Foster (David Walter Foster - Canadian musician, composer, songwriter and arranger, also known for producing celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Christina Aguilera, Tony Braxton and Andrea Bocelli) took part in the work on the record.

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The album “This Christmas Day” was recorded two weeks after the “ROSE Tour” tour (“ROSE” is the fourth studio album of Jesse J.) in 2018, which took place both in Europe and in America. According to Jessica, her decision to create “This Christmas Day” was very spontaneous, being adopted at the last minute, and working with producers on the album was just a “dream.”

Christmas is a favorite holiday

Here is what Jessica herself says: “I love Christmas music and, finally, I have the opportunity to record a Christmas album, I hope you enjoy the songs that your magical memories will leave you at my favorite time of the year.”

The album “This Christmas Day” includes 10 classic Christmas songs, as well as one original composition - the track “This Christmas Day”.

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