The composition dedicated to the deportation of the Circassian people during and after the end of the Caucasian War was presented today Timur Losanov @timur_losan. The instrumental melody was called “Kayser qafe k1hyh” (“Dance of the Circassians”) in honor of the Turkish city of Kayseri, in which a large number of the Adyghe people live.

Listen and download the song “Kyaiser k'afe k1ykh” by Timur Losanov

The performer himself is often in Kayseri. We decided to ask what was his first meeting with the local diaspora, and how was the track “Kyaiser qafe k1hyh” born?

- Timur, please tell us about your first meeting with the Adyg Diaspora, where and when was it?

- It happened in Syria, in the long-suffering city of Aleppo, in the distant 1993 year. Since that time, not a single year has passed so that I do not meet with compatriots abroad. These meetings inspire creativity. Actually, thanks to them, the composition “Kyaiser qafe KHNUMXykh” appeared. In 1, she took a key role in my instrumental album, which was released in Turkey.

- What was the basis of the composition?

- It is a collective image and a kind of “bridge” for all Adygs who are deprived of their homeland. Every diaspora person holds in his heart this virtual connection with Hack. Each communication with them is filled with romance, folklore, history and, of course, dreams. Despite all the hardships that befell my people, he lives with great hopes, like “Kaser kafe klykh”!

- Surely, in Kayseri, many fans of your work?

- Views and downloads on social networking sites talk about the sympathies of the people who follow him. It is not only pleasant. I would like to work more, contributing to the development of the Adyghe culture.

- Thank you, Timur! And we remind our readers that the song “Kyaiser kafe k1ykh” is already available for listening and downloading on all digital platforms.

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