The long-awaited event was completed - the new album of Lilia Shaulukhova was released - “Only yours”.

In the longplay, prepared by the music publishing company “Zvuk-M”, all the brightest modern tracks that were not included in the first album are included, and thanks to the variety of the playlist’s musical style, the release will be interesting to the audience far beyond the Caucasus.

The album, full of passion and fire, includes one of the most dear to the heart of the singer composition - “Mamma”, as well as duets with such stars as Murat Thagalegov и Azamat Bishtov.

The name of the album on the song "Only yours" Lily I chose it not by chance: “This song is like a reflection of me, because its second name is“ Harmful Me ”. Since I myself am harmful and capricious, once I decided to perform this song, so that my dear knew what I am, ”laughs the artist,“ It turns out that the release name we chose reflects the state of my soul. ”

The release of the second album is an important event for the performer. She waited and prepared him for years, working on the repertoire and selecting the most successful tracks for the list: “For me, the birth of each song is an exciting and pleasant moment, and the album is all the more important! I hope the audience will appreciate it, because we tried very hard to make the release quality and memorable, ”says Lilia.

The album is already available for download at iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.

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