Can we imagine our life without art? Of course not. Indeed, not only people of different nationalities, ages and even epochs speak the language of creativity, the soul itself speaks to a person in this language. Helps him to feel, develops taste, teaches to survive, to distinguish bad from good.

Leo Tolstoy called music the greatest art in the world. Hector Louis Berlioz considered her "the most poetic, the most powerful, the most living of all the arts." And today, when the whole world is celebrating Music Day, concerts, meetings with artists and composers, exhibitions of musical instruments and works of art related to music are held everywhere, we also suggest that you plunge into the world of song pop, remember the latest news of the past summer. And at the same time - to find out what tracks were the most popular for these three months? ..

So, we present to you the TOP-10 of the most downloaded tracks in digital stores, published from June to August.

In tenth place - a duet of popular artists - Karen Ace и Chagunava "Not your game." The guys managed to release two versions of the song - the original and remix version. Now they are working on a new joint composition, so that soon fans will be able to get acquainted with the next project of artists.

"Raider capture" of the ninth line "held" Raysan. From the first day of release, this song won the hearts of listeners and is actively gaining momentum in downloading.

Enrasta with the song “You changed your mind” on the 8 line, on 7 - the no less famous song of another hip-hop artist - EGO “My hooligan.”

Not one chart of the popular tracks “Zvuk-M” is complete without the works of this artist - the song “Beauty Girls” is located on the 6 place Murat Thagalegova.

Rustam Nakhushev with the new version of the famous song “The Sea is Quiet Sounds” opens the top five. On 4 place - Angelica Nachesova with the song "I will be happy."

The group of three winners of the rating opens "Sultan Hurricane" with the sensational track "Bandito", which was released a vivid video clip.

In second place was the song Azamat Tsavkilova "Where did you come from."

Well, the most top-ranked song based on the results of downloading new products last summer was a joint song Magameta Dzybova и Anna Bershadskaya “I’m lucky with you.” The duet is on the first line!

These are the results of downloading the news of the past summer according to the information provided by the musical editors of Sound-M. We are sure that those who follow the publishing house’s songs have also found their favorite songs on this list. Well, if you have not had time to get to know them, we suggest you do it right now and present a special playlist! Listen, download and enjoy!

We wish you a cheerful and positive mood and congratulations on the Day of Music!