February 21 is the International Mother Language Day, which was established to promote the learning and use of the language of its people. After all, it is the main tool that helps us not only communicate, but also understand our culture, gain experience, transfer customs and keep traditions.

The peoples inhabiting the Caucasus are multinational. Here they speak several languages, often understanding not only the native, but also the language of their neighbor.

But there are several languages ​​that anyone can surely understand - kindness, love and music. They do not require a multitude of words, but “hearing” them and speaking them is very easy.

And today we have prepared for you a special festive playlist of national songs of the peoples of the Caucasus, which sound differently, but they say one thing ... Sure, the energy with which they are filled, the warm and bright feelings that are enclosed in them, will surely be given to you ! Enjoy your listening and happy holiday!